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Things I'm loving...

Falling in love with a skincare regime - kiehls three midnight recovery products.

Relaxing whilst walking on the treadmill.

Jacket Potato every single day. Whilst switching up toppings.

Natural Calm magnesium supplement in rasberry lemon.

Perrier water with titanic ice.

Shopping in vintage shops every fortnight with a friend. You never know what you'll find.

The feel of soft cotton nighties from marks and spencer. So supersoft.

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. Growing my herbs from seed
. Walking everywhere in my small mountain town (save gas; good for body & mind)
. Vino & good cheese (a blueberry, sweet cheese.. so divine)
. Studio lighting for my photography
. Simplifying my life
. Beginning belly dancing classes
. Wearing high heels
. Psychic tendencies
. Drinking more water

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+ spicy chai
+ taking black & white photographs
+ strong coffee
+ fresh vegetables from the garden
+ finding new music
+ cooking for myself (mostly simple Italian dishes)
+ trying to meditate more
+ yoga
+ enjoying the cooler weather & the rains
. Lit from within

January's Girl ;

* Long evening showers
* Fresh flowers on the windowsill
* Tealights
* Red skies at night
* Parcels in the post
* Yankee Candle Tarts
* Collecting The Body Shop Body Butters
* Chilled white wine / wine clubs
* Seeing Stefan (black cat) atop his little garden house, each morning
* Open bedroom windows
* Irresistable online sales
* Unusual meals
* Options Hot Chocolate Sachets
* Finishing Books
* Coming home
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mid january

+ tigers eye jewelry
+ handmade journals
+ handmade jewelry
+ sleeping with the window wide open to feel the cool breeze as i fall asleep
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Learning to love myself...

- Studying Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: learning how to train my thoughts, feelings and actions to get what I want.
- trying to practice = Self-efficacy: Using my human capacity to step outside of myself and perform those behaviors that will produce desired outcomes in any particular situation by selecting response.
- Learning to love myself by:
* praying more
* meditating
* cooking for myself
* dancing
* singing
* writing poetry
* studying
* killing my doubts and negativity
* ignoring dark depressing feelings
* manifesting hope and positivity
- Trying desperately to fall out of love with Ray and let him go forever
- Smoking my neighbors medical marijuana (=
- Drinking tequila, oj, with squeezed lemons
- shopping from the Victoria Secret catalogue
- leg warmers
- cutting my own hair
- putting half of my hair up and then a bunch of flowers on the part that is up (flower patch head)
- listening to White Lies and Depeche Mode
- crying/fuck it, can't control it
- dying to my flesh which wants Ray
- fighting urges for the things that are bad for me
- Tall leather cordovan boots
- candles
- sage
- organic spanish red wine
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+ Preening my dreadlocks constantly.
+ Chain-smoking.
+ Fixing all the furniture I've built, that was broken in the last move, by hand.
+ Sewing mini-monster plushies for my nephews.
+ Leaving sickeningly sweet, tooth-rotting love notes on the door for the taller half to find when he gets home from work.
+ Practising my ASL around everyone, to the point of annoyance.
+ Drawing on every solid surface.
+ Soy Nog and Rum!
+ Listening to my Mother's ancient Disney Christmas records.
+ Operas on vinyl.
+ Burning Baking cookies.
+ Drinking too much wine while painting.
+ Drawing on the taller half's back while he's sleeping. (I drew a unicorn this morning).
+ Wearing combat boots with skirts.
+ 90s Grunge Fashion.
+ Making my own wrapping paper.
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Mustache Power


+ Carving jack'o'lanterns
+ Re-watching Darkwing Duck and Tale Spin
+ Grilled cheese sandwiches
+ Chain-Smoking
+ Sculpting mini-ornaments to attach to Xmas presents
+ Napping with my cats
+ Tequila!
+ Oyster sauce in EVERYTHING
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